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We are Blakoon Motorized bikes!! We strive in the research and development of these motorized bicycles, no matter the application, Racing, Commuting, Hill Climbing, or just in it for the hobby, we have the engines, parts, and services to suit your needs!

- Featured Engines -

Super Street Racer

This is our street commuter these little engines may look stock but they pack a punch.  includes sly's special "torque demon" port work with a polished bottom end  

--Street Racer--

BMB Case Reed

This is our addition to the case reed craze the BMB gt 90 punisher engine, these case reeds are awesome top end engines great for high speed and and low end torque 

--Hill Climber--

"The Beef" X-2 Reed Race Engines

These are our tried and true racing engines. sly has put alot of hours into the research and development of our racing engines and these "the beef" engines are the cream of our crop ;) 

--Track Racing--

Hybrid Racing Engines

The future is here!!! these are the revolution of motorized bikes!! The hybrid racing engines combine the power of a racing moped top end with the USA standard in engineering, custom CNC case, custom crank, bigger and stronger bearings, an ideal ignition system, and best of all the endless combination of cylinders to choose from!!! Join the future and get yours today!!!!!

Blakoon Street Racer Cruisers

We build these cruisers mainly for cruising and commuting or as a starter bike for an affordable price. these come with our ported Super Street Racer engines and can be upgraded and specially designed around your needs 

Blakoon Entry Level Race Ready Bikes

These are built and designed specifically for motor bicycle racing! 

These are beginner class race bikes that can be upgraded upon entering other classes, bikes are race legal for motorized bicycle track racing. 

The Team

Blakoon Motorized Bicycles comes together as partners with WTmotobikes to form Team Backwoods Racing

We see it as Blakoon Motorized Bicycles Official Racing Team

101 Blake Davis

155  Kris "Sly" Larson

191 Wil Tichenor

216 James Ainsle

357 Andy Bradshaw

457 Julio Perez