BMB Custom Race Bikes

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-----Pictures are examples only-----

These are built and designed specifically for motor bicycle racing! 

These are built to spec for each class These race bikes that can be upgraded upon entering other classes, bikes are race legal for motorized bicycle track racing. 

--Very Fast-- 

-GT-2B "teardrop" style frame 

-Hookworm 2.5 Tires 

-BMB fully ported "the beef" reed racing engine

-Solid no suspension forks

-Front and rear disk brakes 

-Performance Throttle 

-Phbg 19mm intake/carb

-G2 reed block / BMB X-2 reed cage


Each Spec Will classify  what engine, carb, and pipe the bike will get. 

-Comes with 40t rear sprocket but can be swapped with other sprockets for gear ratio changes (other sprockets sold separately)

-Some bike parts vary per build we like to build these unique so there never the same except for whats listed above.    

----if you have any questions or special requests for your build plz contact us before purchase different colors and custom paint options are available.---