Custom Cut Window Racing Pistons (high pin/low pin)

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We make custom window pistons  these are perfect for our china girl engine helps improve hp in both piston port and reed engines 


-Low Cut-

the low cut style is perfect for piston port engines or those with a reed and 3rd transfer port, will increase top end Hp

-Normal Window- 

the normal window style is best suited for your reed block intake engines for all around power in all ranges these are a standard will work with or with out boost port. 

-Boost Port Window / Low Cut 

these are the best you can get for a trench port /boost port reed engine these increase the intake velocity in the case through the trench port to keep up with the transfer port velocity. 

We cross hatch all our pistons in house to increase the lubrication in the cylinders 

These pistons are the best for your high performance china gal engines.